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three key areas of growth

Successful Christian ministry starts with growth in key areas


‘UP’ is all about growing in your relationship with God. You’ll take part in weekly prayer, daily devotions, and fellowship as you begin to establish deep roots in Christ and grow in your relationship with Him.


‘IN’ is all about growing in knowledge. Our academy is uniquely placed to offer a fully accredited degree programme through Global University. You will be equipped with a world-class biblical education.


‘OUT’ is all about developing your leadership potential. You will have the opportunity to be involved in local church ministry, serving in all areas of the church, and putting into practice everything you learn.

Find out more about where we are based, what ministry options you will have, and your day-to-day schedule as an Academy student.

What does it cost?

We want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone and so we keep our costs as low as possible.
Counting up the cost is as easy as 1 2 3

At Centre Church Academy we try to keep our costs at an absolute minimum. The following is a breakdown of all the costs you’ll be expected to cover during your time at the academy. You will have enough time to take up part-time employment whilst on the academy and we’ll try to be as flexible as we can with this.

Tuition fees make up a third of the overall cost of the academy. Each year you will be working towards a fully accredited degree in Bible & Theology. For this level of study our fees are some of the lowest available in the UK today!

Accommodation costs represent the remaining two thirds of the overall cost. This figure is a maximum cost; we’ll try to get you housed for less and, if you manage to find your own accommodation, they could be completely eliminated! Otherwise, we will make sure that you are housed and provide you with breakfast and lunch during academy hours.

  • Tuition

    Tuition costs £1500 p/a
    This is for a full year of academic study accredited by Global University.

  • Accomodation

    Accomodation costs £3000 p/a
    This includes breakfast and lunch. You could reduce this cost by securing your own accomodation.

  • Part Time employment

    Great news! Academy students will have enough free time to get a part-time job to help offset some of the costs involved.

Our Undergraduate Degree Program is accredited through Global University UK. We encourage you to find out all the information you will need about Global University by clicking the link below. By signing up to the Academy you'll be working towards a world-class biblical education at the same time as learning all the practical and spiritual disciplines needed to be an excellent Christian leader.


Our Team

We have a dedicated team of leaders to help you on your journey at Centre Church Academy
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Tyler Evenson

Lead Pastor
Tyler is the Lead Pastor at Centre Church. He oversees the entire ministry of Centre Church with a special emphasis on our Burgess Hill Campus. Tyler and his wife Donna have two children. Tyler has a love for motorcycles and can often be seen arriving at church on his motorcycle.
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Chris Gallimore

Academy Director
Chris originally joined Centre Church as an intern in 2014. Since then he has taken on the role of Young Adults & Community Pastor and so he’s quite involved in our Academy. As the director Chris is the person you’ll have the most contact with. Chris is a northerner with an intense love for coffee.
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Julian Price

Campus Pastor
Julian is the Pastor of our Brighton Campus. Julian is heavily involved in all areas of our Brighton church plant. Julian and his wife Kyla have two children. Julian is a keen runner and will be taking part in the London Marathon later this year.

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